Tikka 558, 590, 595, 658, 690 and 695

Titanium Bolt Handle and Carbon Fibre knob (40mm tactical or 25.4mm round)

A strong and ultralight bolt handle and knob combo for your Tikka 558, 590, 595, 658, 690 and 695 Designed and manufactured by our USA distributor. The handles are manufactured from grade 5 aerospace titanium alloy, and the knobs are moulded from genuine 3K carbon fibre (not some imitation stencil or film).

You will not get a stronger, lighter and tougher bolt handle combo anywhere! Whether you are building the ultimate mountain rifle, need to shave a precious few grams off that benchrest rig, or like us, simply want to use the best gear available, these are the ultimate tikka replacement. The handle and tactical knob combined weighs 28 grams versus the factory steel unit at 41 grams.


- CNC Machined handle from Grade 5 aerospace Titanium alloy

- Handle hand polished. No tooling marks.

- CNC engraved lettering on dovetail specifying thread

- 5/16" x 24 TPI male thread to accept most bolt knobs

- Available in both left-handed and right-handed versions



- Genuine 3K carbon fibre with option for either tactical (tapering to 25.4mm wide x 40mm long) or 25.4mm round ball

- Threaded section = 14mm deep

- 6061-T6 threaded insert epoxied-in during manufacture

- 5/16" x 24 TPI female thread to accept most bolt handles
- Weighs 13 grams !

Titanium handle (tumbled - satin grey finish)

Carbon fibre knob (tactical or 1" round)