Remington 700

Our first DBM is for the Remington 700 Short Action. These units can accept any AICS short action magazine.

We are manufacturing in both 316 stainless steel (passivated) as well as 4140 ordnance steel (QPQ nitrided).

Both units are CNC machined. Aluminium is avoided completely, however we do include bedding pillars which are machined from 6061-T6 then anodised. All minor components are 316 stainless steel, including the spring, roll-pin, lever, and action screws.

Our steel units for the Remington 700 short action weigh roughly 250 grams (0.55 pounds). Although just over twice the weight as an equivalent alloy unit of around 110 grams (0.24 pounds), the difference is negligible when weighing up the added benefits of using these high grade steels.

Specifically they won't chip like aluminium does when a hard impact is encountered and the teflon coated AICS magazines slide in and lock up with very little resistance or abrasion unlike aluminium where the anodising wears off over time in the key friction points. 

Considering most rifles that these are destined for tend to carry large telescopic sights, heavy barrels and tactical / varmint stocks, the extra quarter pound or so in weight for a quality steel DBM in our view is insignificant.  If you have access to one of our units, check the differences for yourself before deciding on which option choose.



Short Action DBM for AICS magazines

4140 ordnance steel
316 stainless steel


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