Our focus is to produce either completely new and innovative products of our own design, or to put into production factory parts which are either obsolete or just made from substandard materials. We go about this by starting with the best materials, machining to the highest standard then paying attention to applying the toughest finishes. The results are instantly apparent when handling any of our product line.

Our very first design was the Remington 700 DBM released in 2010, and the range has since expanded to include other popular rifles. Our current efforts are directed at the Tikka T3 / T3x, the older model Tikka rifles (558, 590, 595, 658, 690 and 695), the Remington 700 (and all clone actions based on this footprint), the Remington 760, 7600 & 7615 along with the Lithgow CrossOver rifles (both LA101, with LA102 designs underway). ​We have longer term plans for other makes and models in future.