LA101 Lithgow CrossOver (rimfire models)

Titanium Bolt Shroud

Our first product for the LA101 CrossOver from Lithgow Arms. This replaces the original factory synthetic part. Our version is CNC machined from aerospace-grade titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) and skeletonised to reduce any excess weight. The bolt shroud is supplied with a hex-drive button-head retaining screw (also grade 5 titanium). No gunsmithing is required to fit. The original design features of the factory shroud are largely retained including the rear cutout for the cocking indicator. The bolt shrouds are garnet blasted which matches the titanium colour applied to the factory rifle's external metalwork. If you want black or another custom colour, contact Delta Tactical of Melbourne.

 Note:  There is a small tolerance of ~0.25mm between the inside base of the shroud and the firing pin assembly. This tolerance exists on the factory plastic shroud and so we have included it in our design. Some customers may find the metal-on-metal contact with our Ti shroud creates unwanted noise when hunting. We include a precision machined 0.25mm Ti shim as an optional item that can be installed (inside the shroud before assembly to the rifle with the Ti screw provided.)

LA101 bolt shroud - titanium alloy (garnet blasted satin grey)

Bolt handle thread adapter

Find the lack of aftermarket bolt knobs for the Lithgow LA101 irritating? So do we. As an alternative to our steel Winchester 70 style knob for the 101, we have manufactured a thread adapter with an internal thread to screw straight onto the end of your metric M6 threaded LA101 bolt handle. The outside thread of this adapter is the universally accepted 5/16" x 24 UNF that just about every other aftermarket bolt handle uses. CNC machined from brass, this adapter won't corrode and is softer than both the 101 handle as well as any steel or alloy knob you want to use for ease of future removal as well as modification to a variety of different knobs with varying internal length. If a thread locking compound is used, we don't recommend attaching the adapter to the handle, rather the knob. This adapter will fit other rifles with an M6 threaded bolt handle, many rimfire models and European makes.

Note: Check first that there is sufficient internal threaded length of the bolt handle you intend to fit (15mm / 0.6"). If there is not, the thread adapter needs to be shortened (cut or filed down at the closed end) and threads cleaned up to fit other bolt knobs with less internal threaded length. Our carbon fibre knobs are approximately 12mm to 13mm which requires modifying the adaptor, our new aluminium knob is 35mm and requires no modification. Knobs from other manufacturers can vary greatly.


M6 bolt handle thread adapter to accept 5/16x24 TPI knobs (Brass)

Stainless Steel Bolt Knob

​This is a high strength replacement bolt knob for your Lithgow CrossOver, CNC turned from stainless steel (304). Our bolt knob replaces the factory synthetic item. It is 2mm longer and 2mm wider and mimics the style of the classic Winchester 70 bolt knob. No gunsmithing is required to fit, it screws directly onto the CrossOver's bolt handle (M6 thread). The bolt knobs are glass bead blasted and cerakoted 'titanium' which matches the titanium colour applied to the factory rifle's external metalwork. If you want black or another custom colour, contact Delta Tactical of Melbourne.


We recommend installing the knob onto your bolt handle with a low-strength thread locking compound applied to the threads (nothing stronger than purple loctite 222 or equivalent).

Stainless Steel Bolt Knob - 304 stainless (blasted grey)

Trigger and Sear Spring Kit
Gunsmith installation recommended

​A new trigger spring (pull) to replace the original rated by Lithgow Arms at ~2kg (4.4 lbs). Our spring breaks cleanly and consistently at ~730g (1.6 lbs)* when installed correctly**. Some hand tools*** are required for the installation.


These triggers aren't adjustable, the only method to safely achieve a lighter pull weight is to replace the trigger spring with a properly designed lighter and slightly longer replacement. We have also developed a sear spring to eliminate most of the travel of the original factory set-up.



* Results may vary slightly between individual rifles and trigger pull gauges. Our pull weight is measured using an RCBS gauge.


** We supply replacement springs only. If unsure on installation, we highly recommend having a qualified and competent gunsmith do the job. Slight variations between different rifles may result in an unsafe trigger when fitting these springs. Always ensure the rifle is unloaded before commencing work and test trigger function extensively upon reassembly. We do not provide any installation instructions for this spring kit. 


*** Minimum recommended tools for installation are:

- small nylon/brass tipped hammer

- small pin punches of various sizes

- metric hex-key set going down to size 1.5mm

- small circlip pliers

- magnetic parts dish

2-Piece Spring kit - 304 stainless

Kit Includes:

730g (1.6 lb) Trigger Pull Spring (silver colour)

Reduced Travel Sear Spring (gold colour)

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