DBM for T3 / T3x pattern magazines
(Tikka T3 / T3x only, not CTR compatible)

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- Constructed from a mix of high-grade titanium and aluminium alloys

- No cheap 6000 series aluminium alloy used,

- Replaces the last chunk of plastic that comes with the factory rifle.

- Body of DBM is machined from high grade 7075-T76 aluminium alloy

- Trigger guard and magazine release lever is Ti6Al4V titanium alloy.

- All minor components are made from 300 series stainless steel.

- 'Drop-in' fit replacing the original factory plastic triggerguard

- Accepts all T3/T3x magazines (not compatible with the CTR magazine).

- Bedding pillars and hex screws included (stainless steel)

- Available in silver/grey or black, durable finishes.

- Comes with a fully replaceable and serviceable trigger guard

- Future trigger guard designs will include an optional arctic version for gloves.

- Very light, strong and corrosion resistant.
- Priced very competitively

Tikka T3 / T3x DBM for factory magazines:  $160

Short Action DBM for AICS magazines (Tikka T3 / T3x only)

Our Tikka T3 short action DBM is made from the same steels that we use for our Remington 700 units. They are available in either 316 stainless steel (passivated) or 4140 ordnance steel (QPQ nitrided).

Both units are CNC machined from the one block of solid billet, with the inside corners of the magazine-well EDM wire cut.  The unit is then skeletonised for maximum weight reduction, following by polishing to remove all tooling marks then a glass bead blast to a satin finish. At this point the stainless unit is passivated for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, whilst the 4140 cromoly variant is QPQ nitrided resulting in an extremely high surface hardness (59 to 60 Rc) and a nice matte black colour.

We have included a positive locking, magazine retention system (like the original factory unit), which can easily be removed if desired for range shooting but is useful in preventing accidental mag releases during hunting when out in the bush and scrub.

Our low profile magazine release lever is also CNC machined from the same steels as the main unit and is serrated and chamfered for positive thumb grip when releasing magazines.

We include the full bedding kit with this DBM. This includes:

- A grade-5 titanium recoil lug, thicker than the original
- 304 grade stainless steel bedding pillars

- 304 grade stainless steel hex-head action screws included

We have observed an increase in accuracy in all rifles with this bedding kit, especially when combined with a quality epoxy bedding job.


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4140 ordnance steel:  $279
316 stainless steel: $290

Titanium bolt stop
(Tikka T3 / T3x only)

Available now

- CNC machined from titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V)

- Tactile serrations at tip for grip in all conditions

- Replaces the original cast steel unit

- Enables re barreling of rifle to different length cartridges

- Short, Long and Magnum lengths available

- Finishes are either a durable black coating (PVD) or blasted (grey colour).

- Very light, strong and corrosion resistant.

- Less than half the price of the factory original from Brownells.


Tikka T3 / T3x titanium bolt stop:  $40

Titanium handle + knob:  $80
knob only: $40


Super-strong and ultra-light bolt handle and tactical knob combo for your Tikka T3 / T3x, Tikka 595 and Tikka 695. Designed and manufactured by our USA distributor. The handles are manufactured from grade 5 aerospace titanium alloy, and the knobs are moulded from genuine 3K carbon fibre (not some imitation stencil or film).


You will not get a stronger, lighter and tougher bolt handle combo anywhere! Whether you are building the ultimate mountain rifle, need to shave a precious few grams off that benchrest rig, or like us, simply want to use the best gear available, these are the ultimate tikka replacement. The handle and tactical knob combined weighs 28 grams versus the factory steel unit at 41 grams. Compare this to other aftermarket options at 60+ grams to 70+ grams. To top this off, due to the manufacturing of these being in high volume lots (investment moulds), they are priced very competitively.



- CNC Machined handle from Grade 5 aerospace Titanium alloy

- Handle hand polished. No tooling marks.

- CNC engraved lettering on dovetail specifying thread

- 5/16" x 24 TPI male thread to accept most bolt knobs

- Available in both left-handed and right-handed versions



- Genuine 3K carbon fibre, 25mm wide x 40mm long

- Smallest outside diameter (at threaded insert) = 11.5mm

- Threaded section = 14mm deep

- 6061-T6 threaded insert epoxied-in during manufacture

- 5/16" x 24 TPI female thread to accept most bolt handles
- Weighs 13 grams !

Titanium Bolt Handle with Carbon Fibre knob - Versions available to fit the Tikka T3 / T3x, 590, 595, 690 and 695.
Titanium Bolt Shroud
(Tikka T3 / T3x only)

CNC machined from aerospace Grade 5 titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V). At only 25 grams, our shrouds are close to half the weight of comparable steel shrouds, yet significantly harder than the best aluminium alloy shrouds on the market. We mill a flat on top of the shroud body and cut in a diamond chequering pattern to mimic the style of the shrouds seen on the bolts of the more expensive Sako line of rifles.


Available in a natural finish (to match stainless rifles) or for blued / phosphated Tikka rifles, we offer a very tough DLC coating which produces a dark matte charcoal colour to blend in with the colour of the Tikka receiver. This is a tough industrial finish.


We include a small coil spring which removes all slack between shroud body and the firing pin assembly of your bolt from a necessary tolerance deliberately designed into the shroud to ensure 100% anti-bind function in all rifles.


- CNC Machined from high grade aerospace titanium alloy

- Polished then glass bead blasted to a satin finish

-Diamond pattern cut onto the top of the shroud body

- Available in a matte black DLC coating for Tikka rifles with a factory hot blue or phosphated finish.


Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy:  $89

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Titanium Recoil Lug and bedding kit (Tikka T3 / T3x)

This bedding kit and titanium recoil lug maximises the accuracy potential of the factory Tikka rifle. 

Our slightly thicker CNC machined titanium lug replaces an undersized aluminium extrusion which comes standard on all factory T3 rifles (the T3x comes with a steel lug). Our stainless steel bedding pillars and hex head action screws finish the kit off. Combining our bedding kit with a decent epoxy job has seen accuracy improvements in all factory rifles we have tested. Especially so with rifles in factory synthetic stocks which have a lot of flex and tolerances all over the place. We include this kit free with all our DBMs above.


Recoil Lug:

    -Grade 5 titanium - extremely high strength to weight ratio

    -Outstanding corrosion resistance
    -CNC machined to within +/- 0.01mm flatness
    -Slightly thicker than the original T3 aluminium lug

    -Polished to remove all machining marks


Action screws:

    -304 Stainless Steel screws (silver colour).
    -Socket head (cap) screws, custom made to suit DBM

    -Screws also fit T3 / T3x factory plastic bottom metal

    -Non tapered heads for firm and secure fit against DBM.
    -4mm hex socket size which readily interchanges with 5/32"


Bedding Pillars:

    -304 grade stainless steel.
    -Tumbled and polished
    -Ensure perfect spacing front and rear

    -Eliminates affects on barreled-action due to stock flex

Tikka T3 Bedding


Titanium lug and bedding kit (screws and pillars):  $45

Titanium lug only:  $30

 Bedding pillars and screws only:  $25