Remington 7600 and 7615

Please note, we have discontinued our Remington 7600 and 7615 barrel brackets (barrel extensions) which allowed for multiple barrels to be chambered, headspaced and fitted for the one rifle. All stock of these have now been sold. We have no plans to manufacture another run of these brackets. If you have shot out barrel or seek to change your original factory barrel, the brackets can be removed from the factory barrel, threads clean up and then reused. Alternatively, TSE Engineering in Queensland specialise in fitting aftermarket barrels to these rifles.
870 Forend Adapter (12ga frame)

Allows Remington 870 forends to fit the Remington 7600 and 7615

Forends for the 7600 and 7615 are limited in choice to a handful of factory versions in either timber or plastic. Aftermarket forends do exist however these are few and far between and generally overpriced for what they offer. Meanwhile there is a plethora of relatively low cost, high quality options for the Remington 870, 12 gauge shotgun:

    - pistol grip forends

    - forends with integrated torches / flashlights

    - old style ribbed timber forends ('police' models)

    - forends with ​full-length picatinny rails

    - high-grade fancy walnut and maple options

    - ergonomic and tactical forend designs with matching buttstocks (such as Magpul)

Our adapter kit consists of a CNC machined 6061-T6 sleeve, which has been Mil-Spec type III anodised for durability. This sleeve slides over the existing 7600 forend tube and is retained by a replacement 304 grade stainless steel bolt. Over this any 870 forend* that fits the 12ga shotgun, will fit snugly. The forend is held in place by a quality 4140 ordnance steel end-cap which has been hot salt blued. This end cap matches the thread of the 870's magazine tube. Unlike the 870 which has a tubular magazine, this end cap is closed off at the end with an M6 hex socket for attachment. The sleeve is prevented from rotating once installed by two tabs that extend towards the receiver and lock inside the 7600 slide rails. This kit is a drop-in fit, with no gunsmithing required.

*Please note our adapter sleeve is designed based on the length of the factory 870 forends. Aftermarket 870 forend will fit but some work may be required if they are overly long compared to the factory forends.



870 Forend Adapter

870 Buttstock Adapter (12ga frame)

Allows Remington 870 buttstocks to fit the Remington 7600 and 7615

Coming Soon

We designed and prototyped these back in September 2014 when the forend adapter was first conceived but never put them into production. Due to increasing requests we are producing our first run later this year.


-4140 ordnance steel.

-QPQ nitrided surface hardened, matte black.

-Skeletonised design to minimise weight without sacrificing strength or material quality.

-Firm fit into the end of the Remington 7600 and 7615 rifle receivers.

-Will also fit some other small frame rifles including Remington 760, 740, and 7400.

-Accepts a wide range of Remington 870 buttstocks for 12ga shotguns.

-Larger tolerances on buttstock end to fit more synthetic options - 32.55mm (1.281") ID.

-Adds 16.5mm (0.65") to the length of pull, most stock bolts can be reused.

-Designed to raise buttstock comb height by ~10mm (0.4") to aid in cheek weld.

-Seamless fit to both the receiver and buttstock with no sharp edges.

*some trimming to individual buttstocks may be necessary depending on manufacturing tolerances, particularly synthetic or molded models.

870 Buttstock Adapter

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